RoboRally Editions & Expansions - Boards Chart
Publisher Wizards of the Coast Amigo (German) Avalon Hill Publisher
Date 1994 1995 1997 1997 1998 1999 1999 2000 2005 Date
Boards RoboRally Armed and Dangerous Crash and Burn Grand Prix Radioactive Origins í99 RoboRally Crash & Burn RoboRally Boards
Cannery Row x           x     Cannery Row
Cross x   x   x Cross
Exchange x   x   x Exchange
Island x   x x Island
Maelstrom x   x x Maelstrom
Pit Maze x   x     Pit Maze
Chasm   x     Chasm
Circuit Trap   x     Circuit Trap
Coliseum   x     Coliseum
Flood Zone   x     Flood Zone
Gear Box   x     Gear Box
Laser Maze   x     Laser Maze
Blast Furnace   x   x   Blast Furnace
Machine Shop   x   x   Machine Shop
Back Stretch   x     Back Stretch
Canyon   x     Canyon
Pit Row   x     Pit Row
Pinwheel   x     Pinwheel
Reactor Core   x     Reactor Core
Shake íNí Bake   x     Shake íNí Bake
King of the Hill   x     King of the Hill
Docking Bay   x Docking Bay
Chop Shop   x Chop Shop
Spin Zone   x Spin Zone
Chess   x Chess
Vault                 x Vault